A cow sculpture has been repaired and returned to Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT.

Last winter, longtime ambassador Don Simonini spearheaded an effort to repair and return the Sugarbush Cow to her place at the entrance to Lincoln Peak. It’s a custom artwork installation that was vandalized in 2020 when vandals cut off the legs of the cow the day after the mountain shut down for COVID, according to Sugarbush ambassador Don Simonini.

The cow was commissioned for a Church Street, Burlington, display and later installed outside the Sugarbush General Store, a favorite “meet me at the cow” spot for guests and a highlight for hundreds of kids over the years. The cow first had to be located (in a ditch), washed, carefully photographed, a repair expert located (not easy, as she had to go to Maine for repairs), and then the round-trip delivery was arranged.