Three pyramids stacked wall hung sculpture. By Mireille Clapp

The Gallery at Mad River Valley Arts was filled Thursday evening, January 12, with friends and fans who came to see The Retrospective of Mireille Clapp, an exhibition of the late multi-media artist’s work.

“Art for me is a celebration of the beauty and conflict of life. I am particularly interested in shape, texture, and color which I express in my mixed media wall sculpture. Color comes into play via different metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, combined with wood, stone, sea glass and coral with human-made materials such as metal, glass and technological objects or by incorporating paint. Sometimes I combine a soft wood with a mirror image in hard metal; this combination represents harmony as well as conflict . . . the interplay between order and disorder switch between organic forms with geometric ones," said Clapp.

Phil Clapp shared pieces from his Boston and Warren homes and a few items were loaned from private collections. Sam Talbot-Kelly, Mad River Valley Arts executive director, curated the show and introduced Phil Clapp to the throng. He spoke about his late wife’s creations. “Mireille had been trained as a scientist, but her true love was art,” he said.