Yellow foliage Maple Tree. Photo by Carol Brock

I witnessed an odd thing last weekend (Nov 13 and 14).  Friday night when I went to bed, the big maple tree outside my back door was still fully leafed –at least 80% foliage – and Saturday morning if there were 200 leaves left on it, I will eat my hat. I have never seen this happen before. I have heard others say the same thing. What next? More floods, etc.?





I haven’t seen a chickadee or blue jay in weeks – a few sparrows and some crows. My Hawthorne trees are loaded with berries but no birds so far. My oldest child lives in Churchill, VA. They had their third frost October 19. They said the color there was fantastic. If all these odds and ends doesn’t tell us there is something going on with climate change, then we are fooling ourselves.

I’ve got to tell you that life when I was a kid and growing up on a Fayston farm was much more normal a steady. We would pretty much know weather and season-wise what would come next and how good or bad it would be. Those were the days.

This time of year, we would be looking forward to deer hunting. Halloween was just so-so. One thing our dad did was take us to the cemetery across from the school – just 3 houses down from us. He would put quarters on some headstones and dare us to go find them. Brother Armand usually got most of them. We never knew you weren’t supposed to be in a cemetery at night. Dad always picked a bright moonlit night. I think I only found one quarter. It was silly fun for us.

I think I’ve got all the plants I wanted inside. I have some geraniums that are at least six years old and still going – at least four different colors. They are just starting their second blooms and will have some flowers for a while. I remember mom had geraniums in No. 10 cans someone uad given her along with some cuttings. Before long she had four to six flowers blooming on the window sill. Mom loved flowers so I guess I get it from her. My two girls, Margaret and Rose tell me I have green elbows. I am glad they think so; that is quite a compliment. I do miss having a big garden. My nephew Freddie said I could use his raised beds next summer.

I want to thank the ambulance crew who transported me on October 6. I felon my face on the sidewalk. I needed a few stitches but was OK. The guys were such a hoot. I had a ball laughing and joking with them. The fall was almost worth the trip. Thanks, people, you are great. O don’t recommend falling on one’s face either. My cheek is still slightly discolored; however, it was all my fault. I was looking up at a plant I was moving instead of where I was going. You would think at 87 I would know better by now. Anyway, I am OK.

Come have lunch at the senior center on Tuesdays. You will never get  better meal anywhere for only $4 and you will meet some interesting people, too.