Mad River Valley Arts

Mad River Valley Arts has a new Call for Entry platform with CaFÉ.org. These calls are local, national, and international juried art competitions. Art calls are opportunities for artists' work to be visible at the state, national, or international level. 



"We encourage you to create an annual art exhibition budget for calls as one way to advance your professional art career for the potential to obtain awards and gather press on your work," said Valley Arts spokesperson Jean Sharry.

In order to apply for 2024 shows on the subjects of: Trees, Wings, Wild Pink and Water, Valley Arts is requesting interested artists set up an account with CaFÉ for free. Once that has happened, artists can upload a few recent works from their art portfolio. Once people have an account, CaFÉ.org will send them varied 'calls' or opportunities. The calls are tailored to the niche of each artists' work. 

"You can fill your calendar with specific calls to enter and then decide which ones really suit the projects you are currently working on," Sharry added.

The first call for Valley Arts is RISE: Trees, Our Botanical Giants. This exhibition opens March 7, 2024 and goes through April 26. 

The deadline to apply is approaching fast -- apply before December 28, Sharry said. 

Visit the Valley Arts website ( and look for the page heading Call For Entry.

"Don't let competition deter you from sharing your work broadly. Your work is an extension of your individuality. Art appreciators and art collectors will find you and discover the individual vision and unique perspective that come alive in your work. If you need an art consultation on what to submit from your portfolio, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., attention Sam Talbot-Kelly, artist/executive director, or call 802-496-6682, or visit us at the gallery. You can also request to be included in our newsletter for future opportunities," Sharry pointed out.