Everyone loves the local trails and their dogs. To keep humans and pets safe there are a number of rules everyone needs to follow. Dogs must be leashed on public trails in the Mad River Valley. And people must clean up after their dog. There are many dog poop stations throughout The Valley that include free plastic bags and a space to discard used bags. People are asked to use those for dog waste, not personal trash.

“We are pleased to share the 60 miles of snowmobile trails in the Mad River Valley with cross-country skiers, hikers and others. Since a big snow machine can be just ahead of any turn, we implore people to keep dogs leashed. Safety is our top priority and we don’t want you or your pets startled or hurt. Ridge Runners’ volunteers work hard to keep our trails clean and beautifully groomed. To that end please clean up after your dog too. We’re in this together so let’s keep everyone safe and able to enjoy our pristine trails,” said Jeff Halpin, president of the Mad River Ridge Runners.


There are hundreds of local landowners who share their property with the public. The Mad Path lost the East Greenway section partly due to unleashed dogs and the future of many trails is dependent on people following the dog rules. "We have seen a lot of conflicts arise from people not keeping their dogs leashed or picking up their poop, including injured people and dogs. Not following these rules is a big risk to the future of some trails," said Ross Saxton, executive director, Mad Path.

No dogs are allowed at the Mad River Park Recreation Fields which is operated by the Mad River Valley Recreation District (MRVRD). There have been issues with people not cleaning up after their dogs, resulting in coaches or other volunteers cleaning up before kids show up to practices or games. On more than one occasion, dogs have impacted a game by wanting to join in on the action.

MRVRD is funded by Fayston, Waitsfield and Warren and has many partners that offer more than 100 miles of trails throughout The Valley. Volunteers keep these trails free of vegetation and ready for safe use. With questions or comments email Laura Arnesen, MRVRD coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on MRVRD visit www.mrvrd.org.