To The Editor:

We all love and care about the town we are call home, and the Mad River Valley that surrounds it. Christine Sullivan has gone beyond voicing her love for this town and community, she has put her time, energy and dedication where her mouth is by working as a school board member.

We know Christine to be incredibly smart, practical and principled. She understands what needs to be done for the community (affordable housing, business and residential interests, managing tax burdens, etc.) and has a record of making decisions that consider the needs of all her constituents, while using facts and data to find budget-conscious, practical and helpful solutions. Christine has worked tirelessly for all families in the HUUSD.

We know that her unflappable demeanor, intelligence, drive and depth of experience will serve all of us. Please join us in voting for Christine Sullivan for the Waitsfield Select Board.

Barclay and Josh Rappaport,
Lisa and  John Lacey