To The Editor:

Last year, I collected signatures on a petition from Moretowners asking the Moretown Select Board to hold a meeting at which Moretown voters would decide whether to withdraw from the consolidated school district. The voters of Moretown all received mail-in Town Meeting Day ballots a few days ago. The proposed article that was the subject of last year’s petition appears as Article 35 of this Town Meeting ballot. If a majority of Moretown voters decide to withdraw, then the other five towns of the consolidated district will simultaneously decide whether to ratify Moretown’s decision. Finally, if the other towns approve of our secession, then the vote result will be forwarded to the Vermont State Board of Education, who will declare the Moretown School District reconstituted effective July 1, and who will also decide at that time whether the consolidated school district should continue to operate.

The ramifications of remaining in the consolidated school district are, for Moretown, quite dire. But more importantly, the opportunities for an independent Moretown are bright indeed. They include:

    • The restoration of control of our school;
    • The restoration of meaningful oversight of our school expenditures;
    • Tuitioning options for our seventh- through 12th-graders; and
    • The ability to use our school without having to ask for outside permission.

This is the bright future that independence holds for us. I voted “yes” for this future. I encourage all Moretowners to do the same.

I am conducting an informational Q&A Zoom meeting on the Moretown withdrawal question this Monday, March 1, starting at 7 p.m. Anyone who wishes to attend should go to for login details.

Neil Nussbaum