To The Editor:

I don't understand the big to-do over the proposed MRV-FLO initiative. If anything, it is much too timid, and a 3 or 4 percent rate would be more like it. After all, more taxes are always the answer, and it puts most of the burden on tourists and second-home owners that spend most of the dollars in The Valley. And even though I'm one of those, and I'm retired on a relatively fixed income, I can easily afford it. Instead of eating out six or eight times a month, I'll eat out three or four. I can reduce my charitable giving to the church, the Warren Library, etc. I can eliminate my cable TV and landline phone. I can buy more stuff online. And, along with several of our neighbors, we'll take a trip to New Hampshire every week or 10 days to buy household goods, liquor and even groceries. So, unless property taxes keep going up and further depressing real estate values, I can easily afford the MRV-FLO proposal. Also, I'm a competitive guy, and I recently read that Vermont is the second highest taxing state in the union. Only second? Hey, let's make it No. 1!* Then I can apply for food stamps.

*As a footnote, we in Warren, being a "Gold Town" are probably already No. 1.

Ronald Geren


and Savannah, GA