To The Editor:

In these times of gratitude and joy I wanted to share with the community the enormous generosity that Ed Brown at Bisbee’s Hardware showed me late one afternoon in August. He showed me great compassion and solved a situation with calm and great skill. Earlier in the day I was installing large slabs of insulation on the black roof of my shipping container in Warren in near or over 100 degrees. When I tried to spray foam insulation to fill the gaps, it melted. Hard to believe this was just a few months ago. I was drinking water but apparently not enough. I was having trouble cleaning the spray gun, so I went to Bisbee’s near closing time to find out how to get this done.

During this process in getting a few of the bits off so we could see what was going on, my left hand started to cramp. Then this shot across my chest, or so it seemed, and then cramped up my entire right arm and most of my right hand. I was terrified. I came back into the store and, with such gentleness and concern, Ed suggested that we put some warm water on my arm and hand. We went back to the sink in the paint area. He got the water warmed up and then stayed with me the whole time as my arm and hand began to uncramp. After much time, I was back to normal. It was incredible. Ed filled up my water bottle and suggested I drink the whole thing which I did and to keep hydrating. Many thanks, Ed! I’ll never forget your kindness and great abilities to figure out how to solve this unusual hardware situation.

Wendy Cox