To The Editor:

In response to PA Davies:

I, too, felt the same way PA Davies felt when I first came to Vermont in 1975. I opened my sales and service center in 1976 and sold, repaired and inspected hundreds, if not thousands, of cars and trucks over the years. I was a certified master mechanic with a state of Vermont inspection license. It wasn't until I started to inspect Vermont cars that I realized how hard Vermont winters were on vehicles. With all the salt used on Northeast highways, vehicles tend to get very rusty from the bottom up. You, as an owner, may think the car is in perfect working order, but the truth is after five to 10 years of use, you may have very serious problems that can only be found by doing a thorough inspection. There may be rust holes in the floor boards which would allow carbon monoxide to enter the interior of the vehicle; there could be loose or frozen suspension parts that could affect the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

Salt, mud, dirt and time take their toll on Vermont vehicles that most drivers would never know about until it was inspected. There are hundreds of parts that are subject to normal wear and tear and need to be replaced to keep your vehicle and the roads safe. So, just because your car starts up and feels and runs good doesn't mean it's safe to drive on state highways. Keep in mind, the inspection centers are there for the safety of the highways and the people that use them. Don't feel that you are being taken advantage of if an inspection center gives you an estimate for X amount of dollars and fails your car's inspection. Get a second opinion if you don't trust the inspection center, but keep the roads and yourself safe.

Vermont is one of the hardest states in the nation on the wear and tear of vehicles and, of course, salt causes good old rust. So the next time you get your car inspected, remember it's for the safety of all of us. Keep Vermont's inspections alive and well for everyone’s sake!

With respect,

David S. Corey

Ocala, FL

Formerly, Corey's Automotive