To The Editor:

With regard to the three anti-choice pieces from last week’s edition: Yes, Mr. Allen, I support a woman’s right to choose what’s right for her and her body without exception.

But I’m hoping that the three of you are not immoral monsters and instead are just ignorant of the facts of late-term abortions. Over 90 percent of third trimester abortions are due to the discovery that the baby will be born dead or severely deformed and is a danger to the mother. This is a mother who is fully committed to having a baby. But then she’s brought the terrible news that she can’t have it because it might kill her. Making it illegal is a moral travesty.

As a side note, the USA has the highest maternal mortality rate of all advanced economies: three times as high as England or Canada. Perhaps your time would be better spent helping to fix our broken health care system.

Robin Lehman