To The Editor:

We have been hearing for years that The Valley (and the state) has its problems - it is a difficult place to find good jobs, start businesses, retain and add to its population and, most especially, attract and keep the young working folks it needs.

What it does have, though, for those who love it, is a wonderful quality of life, and that quality of life is due to the amazing energy of its community, best demonstrated by our ever better and more popular farmers' market (along with our roundup, brewery, etc.). These are the things that give The Valley life, as well as helping support our farms.

Is it possible that one could think it a good plan to move the market out from the village common? We don't have a traffic problem and we don't have a parking problem. We need every local and every visitor to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our farmers' labor and our beautiful historic village.

Gregory Schipa

Warren, Vermont