To The Editor:

This letter is addressed to communities of the HUUSD:

In the coming months, the HUUSD Board will be establishing a new vision for our school district. Our district vision should reflect the values of our communities and provide a framework for making decisions at district and school levels. By completing the short survey, you will participate in the first step in developing our new vision.

One of the key questions in the survey may require some thought. It asks, “What are three words that represent your hopes for what our school district will be like in the next several years?” We have provided a word cloud on the district website – as well as in the survey itself –in case you need help getting into a frame of mind to answer this question. But we certainly encourage you to use your own words!

Your responses to this survey will help us decide what topics to include in the vision conversations we plan to host this spring, and the results of this work will help us develop a vision statement and accompanying goals that will guide the decisions made by people at all levels in our school district. As you may be aware, the board also has some aggressive goals around developing a plan for programs and facilities encompassing all grades Pre-K through 12 in our district, and this work will help inform that as well.

The survey is available online at There will also be links to the survey on the school district main page ( as well as the HUUSD Board page (, and hard copies can be filled out at the local town office or library in all six towns. Please respond to the survey by Friday, April 12. We look forward to hearing from you!


The HUUSD Board

Caitlin Hollister (Waterbury), chair; Torrey Smith (Duxbury), vice chair; Hannah Clark (student rep, Class of 2019); Jonathan Clough (Warren); Carlton Cummisky (student rep, Class of 2021); Gabriel Gilman (Moretown), James Grace (Waterbury), Tim Jones (Fayston), Jake Lynn (student rep, Class of 2020); Garett MacCurtain (Duxbury); Maureen McCracken (Waterbury); Theresa Membrino (Fayston); Kristen Rodgers (Moretown); Christine Sullivan (Waitsfield); Alexandra Thomsen (Waterbury); Jeremy Tretiak (Waitsfield); Rosemarie White (Warren)