To The Editor:

The HUUSD Board would like to thank the over 700 community members who participated in the three-word survey as well as the 60-plus people who came to one of the seven vision community conversation events held throughout our district. We are deeply grateful for – and humbled by – the many people who engaged in this effort and took the time out of their busy lives to help ensure that the board heard from many members of our community. We loved working alongside you to facilitate events. We saw and appreciated when you put your own personal post on Facebook and on Front Porch Forum. And we have read each and every word offered by our survey and community conversations participants. We take these experiences with us into the important work ahead that includes developing a vision for our district that reflects all stakeholders in our school community and developing a facilities and bond plan that encompasses pre-K through 12 in our district. We invite you to read the full report about these efforts – including what your neighbors are saying and thinking – and let it inform your approach to our future work as well. You will find the report posted on the board web page ( after our June 26 meeting.

The survey and community conversations are part of a larger process of developing a district vision that will guide decisions at all levels in our organization. For the next step in the process, the board’s Vision Committee will be presenting a draft vision statement and accompanying goals to the board at the annual retreat in August. We will also communicate the draft vision and goals with the community and offer opportunities for feedback.

In the meantime, please join us on June 26 at 5 p.m. before our regularly scheduled school board meeting for a celebration. We will be sharing the themes from the survey and community conversations and also wanted to take some time to appreciate all who have lent their voices to our work. There will be cake!

The HUUSD Board Vision Committee

Maureen McCracken (chair), Jonathan Clough, Linda Hazard, Caitlin Hollister and Kristen Rodgers