To The Editor:

Donald Trump lies (those thousands in London's streets with their placards and balloon were cheering him), has no idea of the Constitution (he can't be impeached, the courts won't allow it), attacks the press (the enemy of the people) and heads a staggeringly corrupt administration.

America thinks he is a fool. What a mistake!

Remember how “grab their privates” was covered over by a perfectly timed WikiLeaks release of the stolen Democratic campaign documents? Have you noticed that the rise in Iran's proofless list of provocations is coincidental with the publication of the Mueller report?

These are two examples of political distraction, the only thing this so-called president does well.

Could it be that the reason he pulled the plug on the Iran agreement, claiming they were cheating against all evidence to the contrary, was to provide a future hedge against the Mueller report? Think about it; impeachment gets underway and suddenly we have to go to war with Iran. I can hear it now: "These Democrats are unpatriotic, even treasonous, pursuing these fake claims while I'm protecting the American people from Iran."

Now that would match Trump's claim of “stable genius.”

Leo Cohen

former Fayston resident, now Durango, CO