To The Editor:

We want to share a letter that is currently circulating in our school district as well as a link to a letter to the school board.

Dear Neighbors,

Dr. Michael Ungar, a researcher of resiliency, was invited by HUUSD administration to be the keynote speaker at this week’s Teacher Inservice. A direct quote from his presentation was, "If a small town loses its school, it loses its heart.” We are looking to send a group letter to the school board with our objections to the PreK-12 change scenarios proposed and specific requests going forward. Please read and consider signing through the form below!

We need as many signatures as possible to create the biggest impact. Please consider signing and spreading the form through whatever networks you have – email your friends, share this post, create your own post on social media, encourage neighbors, etc. Don't forget to have everyone in your family sign it! We're hoping to have several hundred signatures by this week's board meeting. Thank you, neighbors.

Natalie Vasseur and Lisa Mason

Fayston, Vermont