To The Editor:

I suggest that Waterbury/Duxbury, Moretown, Waitsfield and Warren have preK-4 in their (unchanged) existing town schools. Fayston preK-4 parents will choose one of these four reconfigured schools for their children. Fayston’s (unchanged) existing elementary school will become the new Washington West (test-based curriculum) Competitive Ski Middle School, available to any grade 5 through 8 students. The existing Crossett Brook and Harwood middle schools will remain unchanged (except they will now both accommodate grades 5 through 8). And, Harwood Union High School will remain unchanged.

Some teachers will be reassigned to level out student-teacher ratios. Some bus routes will be altered (to move students to combined sports teams, etc.). Not one penny will be wasted on renovations. All the towns will maintain their village centers. And Washington West will work with GMVS and Sugarbush to create America’s best (grades 5-8) Competition Ski School.

All this could be created immediately with a single vote.

Doug Reed is a retired school board member, architect, middle school sports coach and Moretown parent.