To The Editor:

Let’s talk.

We all have our own ideas on what we do or do not need in our schools and towns. We all have opinions on the way to approach it. We all have the right to those ideas and opinions. We choose to look at the choices presented to us through those ideas and opinions.

Keep in mind when it comes to the decisions being made, the board members are the ones elected by our towns to make the choices. If you do not choose to vote, then please step out of the lane. When it comes to petitions, they need to be signed by registered voters. Registered voters are the residents exercising their right to have their say all the time, not just when they feel like it. It is not easy making choices that will impact so many lives. I get you do not want change. Who does? The reality is, it is a part of life.

I have attended a number of the more recent meetings on the proposed school district redesign. I have heard many of the same people saying the same thing, each time. Instead of just saying this does not work, over and over, come up with possible solutions that have been thought and planned out. Many have also said this works, keep moving forward.

I have heard many conversations outside the meetings in some communities that are not showing any steps toward another idea – just saying no, no. Show the board ideas.

Our community kids are hearing their adult role models talking about redesign. What are they hearing at your house? The school board is doing their job or taking something away from us? Talking about school in a negative manner sends students to school with a negative sense toward the school. Talking about it positively sends them with a positive sense of the school. Which do you want for your child to have a sense of?

With a positive approach we can teach a small lesson in resilience. They may be changing schools, but so are their everyday classmates. They have a chance to experience change with friends, who are feeling it at the same time. They will be joining kids they do things with outside of school, for example, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, dance and soccer.

Mari Pratt

Duxbury, Vermont