To The Editor:

Many thanks for highlighting the exciting progress we’ve made in our efforts to permanently protect the south side of Lincoln Peak in Warren and Lincoln (“Wilderness acres to be preserved on Lincoln Peak,” December 5, 2019). The Trust for Public Land is thrilled to continue our work with the communities of the Mad River Valley to protect areas important for recreation, climate resiliency, water quality and wildlife, such as Phen Basin, Blueberry Lake, Dowsville Headwaters and now Lincoln Peak.

I would like to clarify that while we have secured 75 percent of the project budget from federal funds and private donors and are requesting $84,000 from the Warren Conservation Fund, we still have $38,000 remaining to raise from private donors and businesses in The Valley and in Lincoln. We look forward to hearing from generous donors in The Valley willing to help protect important wildlife habitat, the Catamount Trail, the Long Trail corridor and our outstanding view shed. Please emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in supporting this project.

Kate Wanner, Warren, Vermont resident and project manager for the Trust for Public Land.