To The Editor:

With the presidential primary coming soon, it’s time to decide. Mike Bloomberg looks very good. He ran New York City, the second-biggest job in the U.S. He ran a huge business quite successfully.

Bloomberg has money. He supports his campaign and other centrist and progressive elected officials, as well as good policy on health care, fair immigration, climate and environment, the budget and taxes, including higher taxes on wealthy people. For years I worked alongside his campaign to close coal-burning electric plants, huge impact. Trustworthy, experienced, hard-working, a leader, compassionate, effective, good values, smart – that’s Bloomberg.

No one at the campaign asked me to write this letter. Like others, I am concerned about our country. The Supreme Court is a huge concern, Capitol Hill is a disaster, our allies can’t believe their eyes and ears, and we all better do something about it.

Ned Farquhar

Waitsfield, Vermont