To The Editor:

I want to share the names of all the people who have helped sew masks or donate materials that allowed me to help organize the effort and to give masks to our community.

Karen Ludlow – she is a machine!

Jen Hammond of VT Raw Pet Food sewed weekends and sourced elastic for us all.

Laura Guion sewed for us after masking some medical folks.

Carey Bennett sewed for us after masking Keurig.

Jenny Morris renewed her skills.

Diana Edwards jumped in late but sewed furiously.

Leigh Stockton's mom sewed for the first week.

Lisa Therrien donated fabric a few were able to make from.

Joan Cnossan donated fabric.

Eliza Graves was at my side at every giveaway and sorted the porch pass-offs.

Annemarie Furey and Kris Chamberlain at Product Think Tank for masking all the groups.

I would like to thank all of the people at home sewing for your family and friends, coworkers and strangers and the husbands pressed into servitude.

All of these people donated materials, extraordinary amounts of time and are behind the scenes. It really does take a village.

Thank you to all of The Valley!

Freddie Graves

Fayston, Vermont