To The Editor:

Ever since the news covered the governor’s let-up on some restrictions (e.g., certain outdoor businesses, etc.) there has been an increase in people in Waitsfield not following mask and safe-distancing guidelines.

I find this very disturbing.

I live in a second-story apartment over stores in the Mad River Shops. Other apartment families spent the day in a grassy area outside without masks having a picnic at a table, children running about, all close to each other and not wearing masks.

People in the parking lot in front of a restaurant waiting for curbside orders are chatting and gathering very close with no masks. The same occurs outside the post office.

Same closeness existed between other people when I took a country road walk with a friend (we wore masks and maintained a 6-foot distance). No bikers, runners, walkers wore masks. People who may not have been from same household were walking and talking close up to each other. I think there should be public announcements from the governor and others who are monitoring this, which make it clear that the let-up for some businesses does not mean people should let up on safe distancing and wearing masks whether outside or at the grocer or post office.

I am a senior and very healthy with a good immune system. All of the above kinds of behaviors and people potentially endanger each other or just others.

I was not intending when I started this to contact The Valley Reporter but decided to do so in case the editor feels it is appropriate to alert the Mad River Valley community not to stop the safe practices.

Carolyn M. Heft

Waitsfield, Vermont