To The Editor: 

Having moved from Vermont in 2018, I am still emotionally tied to the Mad River Valley having lived there for 30 years. The Mad River Valley and Vermont are a beautiful part of America, and I truly miss the many people I developed meaningful relationships with during that time. As I continue to read the local Valley and state news, I want to applaud Rob Williams as someone who has finally come out and called it as it is. This virus, now according to the latest CDC figures, when you factor in all of the people who have tested positive for antibodies and found to have survived the virus, has a mortality rate of 0.26%. Far less than the constant fear mongering by the mainstream media. This whole virus issue has been used by so many political entities to take control of people’s lives and attempt to destroy our economic prosperity. It’s almost impossible to not draw the conclusion that it is being used as yet another ploy to discredit the current administration and negate all that America has gained since 2016. One of my favorite slogans from the 1960s is “question authority”!

Steve Allen

Elizabethton, TN