To The Editor:

I understand the school board will be voting on June10 whether or not to extend Superintendent Nease's contract. Has she been a leader that the board and the community can trust? Has she communicated a clear and positive vision with achievable goals, backed up with data? Do the teachers and principals feel supported? Has she focused on improving student learning and achievement? Despite the challenges of finding affordable housing, is this a school district that families are fighting to get into, or are they leaving and choosing to enroll their children elsewhere?

Please recall that both Fayston and Warren had votes of no confidence in Superintendent Nease at this year's Town Meeting. Fayston's vote was unanimous. Warren's nearly so. I'd wager Moretown would have voted similarly if the topic were raised during Town Meeting. When so much of the community does not trust her leadership and are weary of her culture of fear, retribution and divisiveness, is she the right choice to lead us through the tough choices and challenges in the years ahead?

Please make sure the board knows how you feel on this important matter. Contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kate Wanner

Warren, Vermont