To The Editor:

The issue of whether to wear protective masks in public has become a hot button subject for many of us. My thoughts are not about if the science is valid, but totally about respecting our friends and fellow citizens, many of whom are in high-risk categories. For them, it's an issue of life or death. My decision to wear a mask is about the consideration and mutual respect of others. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone would wantonly disregard the legitimate fears and anxieties of our neighbors. Further, wearing the mask is a very simple thing to do!

As for authoritative sources of information, I would judge the Vermont Commissioner of Health, Dr. Levine, whom Governor Scott greatly relies upon for his decisions, is and should be Vermonters' most trusted source of information on this subject. Internet sources of information should always be considered for citing as a reference with some degree of suspicion.

Reading Mr. Williams' many pointed arguments for not wearing masks, I find much of his case is the same as the president's. President Trump does not wear a mask in public either. I never thought I would see Rob Williams, Ph.D. walking lockstep with Donald Trump, president.

Fred R. Messer
Waitsfield, Vermont