To The Editor:

The HUUSD Board would like to express its sincere thanks to student representatives Carlton Cummiskey and Charlotte Mays for their service to the school board over the past school year. Carlton and Charlotte have shown patience, insight and engagement in their roles, sifting through preparatory materials as well as sitting through long board meetings. 

We appreciated their regular reports on student viewpoints and priorities and are grateful they continued to join us even when our board meetings moved online this spring. Carlton and Charlotte have regularly weighed in with their perspectives on issues such as district redesign and its impacts on students. Their contributions have often helped to set a positive and constructive tone for challenging deliberations. 

Our HUUSD Board has been considerably improved by their presence and their participation.  We wish Carlton and Charlotte a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming them back to our board next fall.

Caitlin Hollister, Torrey Carroll Smith and Jonathan Clough

on behalf of the HUUSD Board