To The Editor:

The government cannot just simply shutdown our entire public school system and do nothing. This is a major crisis. This is a natural disaster. Think destruction on the scale of a massive hurricane or earthquake. If this crisis was effecting men the same way it is effecting women and children, the government would call up the National Guard. FEMA would be setting up trailers. There would be boots on the ground. Where is the response? Where is the response?

You cannot remove 100 percent of your under-age-18 population from school and just carry on your day like nothing happened. What on earth does the government think we’re going to do with 25 percent of the population? The under-age-18 population I would consider is an extremely at-risk population for so many reasons. Kids need to be in school. And if schools feel they cannot open, then the government leaders need to figure out how to provide an alternative! Kids’ lives matter. Moms’ lives matter. Get focused people. Maybe all of us moms and our kids need to start rioting. Is that what it will take to get some action? We are currently having a total failure of leadership at all levels. Again, I ask you, where is the response?

Corinthia Richards