To The Editor:

This past weekend a friend and I went to Blueberry Lake hoping to cool off on one of these hot days, but unfortunately, we had a different experience. Getting there is always a challenge. There are very few other options in The Valley that are accessible for me. At the main beach there are a few spots off to the right that are very small but only one works perfectly for me as it is accessible and I can get into the water from there, which is a rare find for me. When we got there last weekend and set up a chair, a man and woman appeared asking, “Oh can you make room or move so we can put our boat in?” At that moment a friend of ours was close by and offered her spot because she was leaving and knew it would be very difficult for me to move. The women declined the offer, apparently the spot we chose was the only spot that would suit her. Did I mention that this spot is not a boat launch? We were taken aback by her entitlement and reluctantly (and regretfully) moved to a different spot. As we moved (which was a giant struggle given my physical limitations), I noticed the woman watching me struggle. My friend went back to our truck for something and the man managed a “sorry,” but still did nothing to share the area or even help us. Clearly this couple feels entitled to this spot as their own special boat access. We have never encountered anything like this prior to these two folks. Here are some thoughts to ponder (most of them directed to the couple we encountered last weekend).

Use the boat launch rather than ask people to move, or pick any number of other spots to put in at Blueberry Lake that aren't already occupied.

Don't ask people to move for your own convenience, especially if they've arrived there in a wheelchair.

If you see or know an older couple who drives a tan BWM from MA and has a second home in Warren, please pass this message along to them.

The Mad River Valley needs more recreational accessibility so everyone can enjoy the beauty and benefits of our Valley.

Ann Lynch