To The Editor:

Jordan Gonda is the right choice for the Waitsfield Select Board. Jordan has proven herself to be forward thinking and has first-hand knowledge of the issues from her service on the select board and planning commission (2014-2020).          While on the select board, she has consistently demonstrated her thorough preparedness and intelligence while maintaining a balanced and thoughtful approach to issues at hand.

In addition to her time spent with the planning commission, Jordan also was a member of the tri-town housing coalition. She understands the  opportunities to bring Waitsfield into the future while preserving what makes this a very special place to live and raise a family. With the new ARPA money in the bank and more to come, we need to think of how our decisions today can impact many generations in the future and Jordan is someone who can lead us in this effort.

AnnMarie Harmon

Planning Commission, chair