To The Editor:

I’m writing in support of Jordan Gonda’s election to the Waitsfield Select Board. Since stepping in to fill an open seat, she’s shown herself to be a thoughtful and conscientious contributor to the work of the board. Her experience raising a young family in town, background as an attorney, commitment to improved housing options in The Valley and dedication to the natural environment bring important perspectives to deliberations. Her open and collaborative spirit ensure that these deliberations are creative, productive and respectful.


Whenever I’ve reached out to Jordan to discuss town issues and kick around ideas and ask for advice on conservation issues in my role on the conservation commission, she’s been responsive, interested and helpful.

She’s proven herself to be an ideal board member. We’re fortunate that she’s willing to devote herself to building a bright future for Waitsfield.

Please join me in electing her to a new term.

Curt Lindberg