To The Editor:

I am writing to express my gratitude for the extreme dedication of the members of the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service.


Full disclosure: I have been married to one for 40-plus years. So, I know of which I speak. She is an amazing and energetic woman and is joined in MRVAS by many peers, male and female, equally self-sacrificing and impressive.

Recently they have been called on to rescuer a 17-year-old injured skier – at night; help bring breath to the lungs of a 7-year-old at 3 in the morning; and bring comfort and aid to a frightened 86-year-old gentleman with dementia. How many of these services could you provide for your fellow man? How much training hours of your life have you freely given to be capable of these life-affirming efforts? Just sayin’. . . .

Sadly, a veteran – 32 years – MRVAS member recently passed away. I was instantly transported to the back of a MRVAS ambulance rushing to the hospital in Burlington with a pretty serious heart attack. All were doing their best to get me there and support me, but one stood out.

While monitoring all my stats, blood pressure and intravenous line, her protective glove fell off. Suddenly, I felt a warm, caring human touch and a hand grasping mine in comfort and hope. I will never forget that moment. I knew I was going to be OK – I was in good hands.

Next time you see an ambulance member, thank them. They truly are some of the heroes who quietly walk among us every day.

Paula Livingston was one of those heroes.

Meanwhile, please be certain rescue and fire people can find you – post your 911 house number clearly, and please donate to the service if you can, and never drive yourself if you are seriously hurt – call them!

“Evelyn, where the heck are those Band-Aids, I dropped the chainsaw again!”

John Lynch