To The Editor:

Every week, The Valley Reporter tells stories about The Valley - the people, the businesses, the nature. They are all interesting. Toss the best seller novels and national newspapers and instead just read The Valley Reporter! This past week's edition was full of info about good beginnings for children and parents, told about the cool history of former high school students working on renewable energy around the world, listed the select board candidates for each town (thank you, candidates!) and even candidates for five-year terms on cemetery commissions (thank you, Laura Brines in Waitsfield), helped readers understand everything from libraries to COVID and much more. I am so thankful for The Valley Reporter.

Some people probably think this letter is mocking, but personally I think sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, and I do not indulge in it except when conditions absolutely demand it. This is not the time or place for sarcasm; please don't be suspicious (a phrase that always raises suspicion, of course).

Thanks VR!  Luv ya!

Ned Farquhar, Waitsfield