To The Editor:

Upfront I wish to state that I am a dog. (Please don’t tell my humans that I know how to use the computer!) Kudos to The Valley Reporter for such an awesome dog issue.

I write today in support of Catness’ request for a “Cat Issue.”  I believe in equality for all and while I find Catness can be a bit, well “cat-like,” we are all entitled to our opinions. I disagree that the walks (or “death marches” as my human calls them) are a result of “body image issues.” After all, it is my job to walk my human and I take that very seriously. Nor is being recognized for doing good things necessarily “needy” (Who doesn’t love a good belly rub?), but we are all entitled to our opinions. I think the world is a better place for having both dogs and (most) cats in it. All creatures are important -- (Okay, I did catch that mouse the other day and I apologize that it is no longer available for anyone else to chase now ….) Differences and diversity are what makes each day more interesting than the next. I may sit out on my porch every day, but each one is a little different because of the variety of creatures (and humans) in the world.

I too consider you a friend Catness and whatever our differences may be, it is always comforting to look across the street and see you hanging out in the window or sneaking along your porch hunting in summer. I’ll try to leave some mice for you to chase too!  

Paws up in my vote for a cat issue and nice to see your photo made it in the paper!

Denali Wood, your neighbor in Moretown