To The Editor:

This letter is addressed to the members of the Historic Waitsfield Village Condominium Association, Chris Pierson, and Bridget LaMell

The Waitsfield Select Board wishes to acknowledge your generosity to the Mad River Valley community and our visitors over the years by providing an important and well-enjoyed recreation access site. Especially with a recent surge in people visiting your properties, we understand that the number of visitors can be overwhelming at times. Partners of the StewardMRV initiative created a program to address the needs of your properties to ensure sustainable use into the future. In its first year, we eagerly supported this work that included enhanced portolet accommodations and frequent trash and recycling pick-ups. This year the town has made a contribution through the budget process that will continue to help pay for the portolets and trash and recycling management on your site and at the Lareau Swim Hole. The StewardMRV partners are also bringing volunteer site stewards onto your site, among others, to help address litter, dog issues, and any other challenges that arise.

Thank you again for keeping your land open to the public for outdoor recreation and relaxation. We look forward to another great season of enjoying the Mad River Valley outdoors.

Christine Sullivan, chair

Brian Shupe vice-chair

Chach Curtis

Jordan Gonda

Fred Messer