To The Editor:

Our Valley has an amazing competent, caring Mad River Valley fire and ambulance service crews! Weeks ago, my husband and I were hit from behind on Route 100, while waiting to turn onto Trembley Road in Waitsfield. 911 was called immediately and before we climbed out of the car, we were surrounded by a couple of drivers from other vehicles who were so kind to stop to help! It all happened so fast, I’m sorry I don’t remember their names, but we send along a grateful thank-you!

Within minutes the rescue and medical crews were attending to us with genuine concern and support while others directed traffic, swept the crushed debris, and eventually towed our totaled car away. They took care of everything while we were amazed at how this all happened so quickly!

We are thankful we had no major injuries and we thank each and every one of you who were there to help in any way they could! We are extremely lucky to have such passionate and professional volunteers in the Mad River Valley!

Nancy Coombs and Jim Hildebrand