To The Editor:

There continues to be community discussion about the installation of human-activated blinking lights at our crosswalks. Some are opposed to this idea because, to some, it makes The Valley seem to city-like. But to moms, dads, children, visitors, and seniors trying to safely cross Route 100 this a big issue. The technology works; it is solar energized; and Waitsfield already has the funding in place for the first crosswalk blinking light system.



The current plan is to place the blinking light system at the crosswalk near the Waitsfield Elementary School. I would propose a different plan: place it at Bridge Street which by all accounts is the most complex, dangerous, a sight-line limited crosswalk in The Valley. At least the other crosswalks in The Valley have more visible sight lines and are not as complex or dangerous as the three-way Bridge Street intersection. Plus, by placing the blinking light system at Bridge Street, maybe Waitsfield will not be required [as dictated by VTrans] to move the existing electronic speed sign by Waitsfield Telecom.

After a death two years ago in one of our crosswalks it is very important, we act, as a community, to protect our residents and visitors.

Don Simonini