To The Editor:

I am writing to you today to address the removal of the trees behind our company garage. It's important to note that we are only removing the trees behind the garage and not the trees along the north side of the parking lot. I believe it's important to provide clarity and insight into our decision. 

These pine trees hold a special place in my heart as they were originally planted in the early 1980s by my father, Dana Haskin. Over the years, they have grown to impressive heights of 85 to 90 feet. Unfortunately, the passage of time has brought about unforeseen challenges. Last winter, several large limbs fell from these trees, causing significant damage to our building.  

We engaged the services of a local tree specialist to assess the health and condition of the trees. Regrettably, their evaluation revealed signs of rot and disease that posed a serious threat not only to our building which sits 35 feet away, and our vehicles but also to the safety of those in the vicinity. As responsible stewards of our property and conscientious members of this community, we cannot ignore the potential risks these trees pose. 

After careful consideration, discussions with the town of Waitsfield, and thoughtful deliberation, we made the difficult decision to remove the trees. This choice was neither easy nor taken lightly. We understand the emotional attachment that community members may have to these trees, given their sentimental value and the memories they hold.  

It is important to emphasize that our decision was motivated solely by a deep sense of responsibility and concern for the safety of our surroundings. As an active and committed neighbor and community partner, we strive to make decisions that benefit the greater good even when they might be met with differing opinions. We are grateful for the understanding of those who recognize the necessity of our actions and continue to support us in our efforts to enhance our community. We are also currently researching replacement options to take the place of the trees being removed.  

We appreciate the platform that The Valley Reporter provides to communicate with our friends and neighbors, and we hope this letter helps shed light on the reasoning behind our recent actions. 

Thank you for your time. 

Eric Haskin 
President and CEO
Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom