To The Editor:

Money talks is all that counts for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, no interest in the image and confidence in the Supreme Court. He knows precisely what damage he did to the court and the U.S.; he actually is a common thief in a black robe. The judge who lies.





We the people must find a way to challenge this behavior and zero respect for U.S. citizens and the law and our belief in what is called American values. No response from the other members of the court is outrageous and unacceptable.

The lack of respect for the court and how it affects American so-called values and culture is overwhelming. Anything goes -- just do not get caught That is what everything is all about. Laws and ethics are for the little people. Driving a million-dollar bus to Walmart is a cover-up.

The U.S.'s most successful thieves Bonnie and Clyde (Clarence and Ginnie ) are the law. They make Trump and Al Capone amateurs. Everything we learn is stealing from the U.S. citizen. Thomas's family is a life of crime behind a black robe.

Michael Sharkey