To The Editor:

"Unveiling the Enigma" (July 20) showcased machines that were an extraordinary part of World War II. It should also be known that the hero of the code-breaking was Alan Turing whose efforts at Blechley Hall in London helped to save Western civilization. His efforts foiled Nazi battlefield communications and then its more complex naval codes, thus saving many allied ships.

Our thanks to him was short-lived, however, as he was later arrested for homosexuality, had to accept chemical castration to avoid prison and subsequently committed suicide.

As we ponder his brilliance in the service of his country, ours, and others, let all injustice as he suffered be acknowledged, condemned, and never happen again. Similar such mentality threatens us anew in the retro-politics of today; we must resist such real immoralities that place hate ahead of heroism.

John Burciaga
Newburyport, MA
and Warren, VT