To The Editor:

The Mad River Climate Action (MRCA) group is announcing two expansions to its current program. First, MRCA is inviting the public to submit pieces for The Valley Reporter's Climate Corner. If anyone would like to submit something that informs, encourages or in any manner advances MRCA's climate change agenda, I encourage you to send your material to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will follow our usual vetting process and place your piece in line for publication in The Valley Reporter and then Front Porch Forum.



Second, MRCA intends to launch a new component to the VR's Climate Corner titled "Testimonials." MRCA is inviting anyone, whether a member of MRCA or not, to describe actions that you have personally taken, or are certain to undertake in the very near future, intended to decrease your or your family's carbon footprint. Whether your effort is common or not every action matters and reporting them in a testimonial can be enlightening for others. Again, send your testimonials to me at the above email address for the usual processing. 

If you are uncertain about what might qualify under either of the above program extensions, I suggest you review back issues of the VR to get a sense of the wide range of material Climate Corner has provided, or, email me to discuss. I can also be reached at 496- 9791."

Mad River Climate Action founder

Sal Spinosa