To The Editor:

I think we’ve all seen an increase in bike riders on roads and trails in The Valley. It’s great that more people are getting out for fun or commuting to work, but we need to keep people safe. That’s why the Mad River Valley Recreation District (MRVRD) is selling bike lights at nearly half the retail cost. We’ll be placing a bulk order on May 5 from Local Motion in order to get these great lights at a great price: This combo set recharges via USB cable, has rubber straps which are easily wrapped around handlebars or seat posts and has a 200-lumen front light powerful enough to help riders see and be seen.





This all came about because last November I was a passenger in a car around 7 p.m. coming around the Route 17/Route 100 curved intersection just before Blue Stone. A biker with no light or reflectors (in dark clothes and no helmet either) was in the vehicle travel lane. As I think we all know the shoulder on that curve is in terrible shape so to be safe bike riders regularly go into the vehicle lane. Luckily the driver of the car I was in was able to avoid hitting the bike rider at the last minute. It was very scary and I don’t even think the bike rider knew how close he came to being hit. That near miss scared me so much I decided to research bike lights. The Rec District has a good relationship with Local Motion, two summers ago we did an electric bike lending program with them and their education division has been very helpful. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 5 to place your bike light order or with questions. One set is $30 and pick up will be in Waitsfield in late May. Details will be shared via email when the lights arrive. Bring cash or a check when you pick up your lights. They make a great gift too, think Father’s Day!

Look for the MRVRD's column, Recreation Life in the Valley in early June which will spotlight biker and walker safety (the columns are also posted on our website: In addition to selling lights, we will be selling $15 bike helmets ($50 plus value) at the Waitsfield Farmers Market one Saturday in June. That program is through the UVM Medical School. It was started because their doctors are tired of seeing preventable head injuries.  MRVRD has sold more than 200 bike helmets through this program during the past few summers. Let’s keep each other safe and enjoy the great outdoors.

Laura Arnesen, MRVRD