By Lisa Loomis

Members of the Waitsfield Conservation Commission are hoping that the vandals who painted HU 14 and an American flag on the face of the ledges will come forward to apologize and clean up what they did.

Waitsfield resident Sue Dillon discovered and reported the vandalism after she encountered it on July 31.

"I wanted to share with my three young nieces the beauty and grandeur of Wu Ledges for their first time yesterday. We packed a picnic lunch and off we went. When we arrived at Wu Ledges what we found was so sad and disheartening. This beautiful rock ledge had become someone's spray paint canvas," Dillon wrote in an email.

"I hope whoever did this is caught and is held responsible for their foolish actions by having to clean this mess off of the rocks," she said.

Ted Joslin, a member of the conservation commission, said that he hoped peer pressure would cause the offenders to come forward and that he hoped parents would talk to their Harwood Union graduates about the vandalism.

Joslin said that it was his understanding that the best way to clean up the paint is via a wire brush because the use of solvents would not be environmentally suitable.

Wu Ledges is a town-owned piece of property that features sweeping views of The Valley accessed by several public trails. The ledges are visible from Route 100 just north of Lareau Swim Hole.