Mad River Valley TV will sponsor and host a public forum on Waitsfield's subdivision regulations next month. 

MRVTV, The Valley's public access television station, will host a live in-studio call-in show allowing members of the public to call in with questions about the town's proposed subdivision regulations.

The new regulations will come before voters for a town-wide vote on October 23.  In advance of that vote, MRVTV will host the live call-in event on October 11. It will be moderated by Lisa Loomis, editor of <MI>The Valley Reporter<D>. A member of each of the town's three regulatory bodies -- the planning commission, the select board and the development review board -- has been invited.

The subdivision regulations were adopted by the select board earlier this summer and members of the public petitioned for a town-wide vote on the regulations. The regulations were crafted by the planning commission and came to the select board with the support of the commission as well as the development review board.

During select board hearings on the regulations, board member Paul Hartshorn voiced concerns about a clause which asks planners (and now development review board members) to consider future road networks when approving subdivisions. Hartshorn is adamantly opposed to any such provision, calling it tantamount to blackmail at the select board's last hearing on the topic.

At the October 11 public forum, panelists and the moderator will answer call-in questions from the public as well as prepared questions and questions that have been emailed or to the studio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..