By Erin Post

Moretown Select Board members pressed ink to paper this week on a purchase and sale agreement with Moretown Landfill Inc. (MLI).


The board signed the document and also made a motion to officially approve the deal to conserve 81 acres of town and school-owned land, confirming what voters decided last month.

On August 21, voters okayed the proposal, 155 to 57. The vote was the result of a citizen petition calling on the select board to reconsider the agreement, which had been approved through a town vote in May.

Through terms of the agreement, MLI pays $101,250 for the development rights to a roughly 81-acre property owned by the town and the school. It also grants MLI an option to purchase development rights to an additional 35 acres of contiguous land. The option expires in August of 2012.

The Vermont Land Trust has drawn up a conservation easement for the 81 acres. The arrangement allows MLI to meet state standards for deeryard mitigation as the company plans to construct an additional cell for waste. In the short term, a rock borrow area is slated for the location.

Town officials have touted the agreement as a way to permanently conserve public land as well as prolong the life of the landfill, securing additional revenue for the town.

The board first considered the agreement nearly one year ago.

At Tuesday's select board meeting, MLI manager Tom Badowski handed three copies of the purchase and sales agreement to select board members, as well as a 10 percent down payment on the agreed-upon purchase price.

The Moretown School Board also needs to sign off on the agreement.