It’s time to gather with friends and neighbors to pass budgets, elect town officials and enjoy the traditional Town Meeting lunch or dinner.

Valley voters will head to their polling places on March 6 for Town Meeting and March 5 for pre-Town Meeting in Moretown.

Voters in all Valley towns will be voting on the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) budget of $37,183,150, an increase of 2.4 percent over the prior year.

Warren residents will be gathering at the Warren Elementary School for Town Meeting at 4 p.m. this year. Warren residents will have a community potluck following the meeting. Warren’s Town Report this year is decided to the late Barry Simpson who served the town as planning commissioner, select board member and public works director for almost 40 years.

The terms of select board members Clay Mays and Bob Ackland expire this year. Warren elects its officials from the floor of Town Meeting.

Warren voters will be asked to approve a budget of $3,353,682 for the upcoming year, which is down 10.29 percent from the current year’s budget at $3,738,521.


Fayston voters will congregate at the Fayston Municipal Offices at 9:30 a.m. for Town Meeting.  Fayston residents will have a shared potluck lunch and people are invited to bring dishes that can be served at room temperature.  Fayston’s Town Report is dedicated to former select board member Ed Read.

Fayston elects its officials from the floor of Town Meeting. Select board chair Jared Cadwell’s term expires this year and voters need to elect someone to fill the balance of Read’s term through 2020. Michael Jordan has been serving on the board in Read’s seat.

Fayston’s budget for the coming year increases by 0.88 percent. On Town Meeting Day this year, March 6, Fayston residents will vote to approve the FY2019 budget of $1,239,872, which is just $10,884 above the current year’s budget.


Moretown voters will meet at the Town Hall for pre-Town Meeting on March 5 at 7 p.m. Voters will reconvene at the Town Hall on March 6 at 9 a.m.  The Moretown Historical Society will be serving lunch.

Moretown elects its officials via Australian ballot. Select board members Tom Martin and Jason Aronowitz are running for re-election and Callie Streeter is seeking a seat on the board.

Moretown’s town budget is $1,112,025 for the upcoming year, up from $1,096,417, a 1.4 percent increase.


Waitsfield voters will meet at Waitsfield Elementary School at 9  a.m. Lunch will be served at Waitsfield United Church of Christ. Town voters will be electing a new member of the select board to fill the seat vacated by Anne Bordonaro. JB Weir and Jon Jamieson are running for that seat. Board chair Paul Hartshorn is running for re-election.

Waitsfield voters will be asked to approve a total budget of $1,871,456, of which $1,520,090 will be raised by property taxes.


Duxbury voters will gather at Crossett Brook Middle School at 9 a.m. to conduct the business of the town. The Duxbury Historical Society is hosting lunch and residents are asked to bring a dish to share.

Duxbury’s budget increases by 11.66 percent, from $930,338 to $1,038,821. Duxbury voters elect officials from the floor of Town Meeting. Three select board members will be elected. The terms of Tamantha Thomas-Haase, Erin Lander and Amy Sharf are up. Lars Dicksen has been filling Sharf’s seat until Town Meeting.

The Valley Reporter will be tweeting Town Meeting. Follow along at @ValleyReporter. Additionally, Mad River Valley Television will be live streaming Waitsfield’s Town Meeting. To watch that coverage, find a link to the station’s YouTube channel at