The Mad Marathon, Mad Half and Relays hosted over 600 runners on a gorgeous Sunday in the Mad River Valley. During the July 8 race they were supported by 300 volunteers at aid stations, road and bike marshals, Mad River Valley Ambulance Service, medical, food, awards and timing teams along with crowds along the course. Adding to the list of 28 countries visiting The Valley were runners from Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand and Russia. 

Dylan Thayer, 27, from Nashville, TN, was the winner of the 2018 Mad Marathon in a time of 2:54:35. Chris Schulten, 46, of Middlefield, CT, was second with a time of 3:02:37 and Marathon Junkie Chuck Engle, 47, from Lancaster, OH, placed third with a time of 3:07:15.

In the women's Mad Marathon race, Emily Waligurski, 23, shattered the course record by 10 minutes with a time of 3:05:23 taking first place and third overall. Running second was Anna Piotti, 23, from Belfast, MA, with a time of 3:27:30 and placing third was Jamie Sheahan, 30, of South Burlington, VT, with a time of 3:31:50.

Winning the men’s division of the Mad Half with a time of 1:26:33 was John Martino, 34, from Dallas, PA. Local runner Daniel Long, 30, of Waterbury finished second with a time of 1:28:42 and Eric Jakubowkski, 25, from West Windsor, NJ, ran third with a time of 1:31:00.

Winning the women’s Mad Half was Marina Orrson Martino, 27, with a time of 1:32:04 finishing six minutes behind her husband, John, winner of the Mad Half men’s division. Holly Jacobson, 30, from Somerville, MA, was second with a time of a 1:34:20 and finishing third was Warren runner Amy Kretz, 47, in a time of 1:38:09.

Winning the men’s division of the Mad Half Walkers was Blaine Paxton, 48, from Burlington, VT, with a time of 2:37:55. Walking second was Hank Lopez, 57, of North Berwick, ME, in a time of 2:44:02 and third place was Vermonter Justin Bouvier, 37, of Bristol, in a time of 2:51:01.

Mad Half Walker Maria Deangelo, 50, of Saranac Lake, NY, took first place for the sixth time in the women’s field with a time of 2:44:02 and winning second place was Kristen Clyburn, 25, from Beaufort, SC. Placing third was Michelle Crompton, 50, from Napier, New Zealand, with a time of 3:03:46.

A Vermont single-age and five-year marathon record was set at the Mad Marathon. The new record holder in F71 as well as F70-74 is Marian Loftin of Mobile, Alabama, whose 4:49:20 was well under the old record for that age. In the five-year age group, her time was over 18 minutes faster than the previous record.

Relay winners in the Mad Half were Team Dunbar from Canada taking first, Texas Pronghorns of Texas running second and Team Ruhstrat from Germany placing third. 

Vermont led the field of Mad Marathon Relays with More Ducks from Moretown taking first place, Cullowhee’s Crew from South Royalton running second and the local Valley team, Undertrained and Overconfident, placing third.

Top Vermont runners in the Mad Marathon were David Jette, 32, from Burlington placing 15th in a time of 3:21:49, Jamie Sheahan, 30, from South Burlington placed third and Holly Gordon from Montpelier was seventh.

Top Vermonters in the Men’s Mad Half were second-place winner Daniel Long from Waterbury and Warren residents Bryce Youngquist placing fifth and Grady O’Shaughnessy running 10th

Mad Marathon, Mad Half and Relays are set to run again July 7, 2019.