{mosimage} My name is Carl Wimble and I am seeking a three-year term on the Moretown Select Board. For the last several years I have found myself at odds with many of the decisions made by the select board and believe the only way to bring change to the board is to have a seat at the table. All of the current members of the select board have served multiple terms and have far more "experience" than I have in town management. 

However, I think they have become so comfortable in the chairs they occupy that they have difficulty making timely and cost-effective decisions for the town. I believe my presence at the table will bring a new perspective to the issues and allow us to resolve some of the "old business" the town has been dealing with for far too long.

There are several important issues facing the town and I would like to briefly address a few of them.

1. Town garage: For more than a decade the town has been trying to find a location on which to build a new garage. The latest plan would rebuild on the existing site and require the purchase of additional land on which sand and other materials would be stored. The purchase price for the land is $150,000 for 2.5 acres. I find it ironic that just last year the town sold the development rights on town-owned property for $1,200 per acre and we are now being asked to pay $60,000 per acre for land for this project. I strongly support building a new garage; however, I don't know if this is the appropriate location at an appropriate cost.
2. River's quarry: Moretown voters need to know that as of October 2007, the town had spent in excess of $70,000 on legal and consulting fees relating to the River's quarry. And in preparation for the environmental court proceedings, which began on February 12, 2008, have likely spent thousands more. I think three questions must be asked:
a. Did voters authorize this spending?
b. What oversight has the select board had?
c. Has the town derived any benefit from these expenditures?
Since the quarry issue only seems to be discussed in executive session, I can't answer these questions. I will say that I think we have much better uses for our money. I believe Moretown must be proactive in finding local sources four our road maintenance materials and will support efforts to find such resources.

3. Moretown Landfill: The landfill is a tremendous asset to our town enabling us to enjoy low taxes and providing us with money for the capital reserve fund. While we all enjoy the benefits of the landfill, I think it is very important to realize that it is our fellow Moretown residents who live on Route 2 who must endure the traffic, noise and smells associated with the operation of the landfill. As the landfill works to permit a fourth cell, I think it is critical to periodically examine our relationship to ensure that the town is benefiting to the fullest extent possible from our host town agreement. Incidentally, when I was a boy, Route 2 was considered a scenic byway where my family would picnic. How times change.
These are just a few of the many matters the next select board will be dealing with and unfortunately there isn't room to discuss any of them in sufficient detail. I would be happy to hear any thoughts, ideas or concerns that you believe are important for the future of Moretown. Feel free to call my home at 223-7736. I look forward to serving the town of Moretown on the select board and would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Biographical information: Age 43, married, one child, self-employed electrical/home improvement contractor, part-time farmer. Associates degree in business from Champlain College; Vermont Army National Guard, Soldier of the Year 1990.