{mosimage} I am running for re-election as a member of the Moretown Select Board so that I can continue working for the well-being of the town and its citizens. My family and I have lived in Moretown for 20 years. Both of my daughters were born and raised here and are going to school here. We have been actively involved in our community and I have gained a deep appreciation for the town and its citizens. I was taught early on about the importance of giving back to the community. As a select board member I have been able to do that and I want to do more. 

As a construction manager and small business owner for much of my adult life I have learned how to work with people to get the job done. Carrying out the town's business is a challenging task that requires working together to find the best decisions and actions that are fair and that will bring the most benefit to the town and its citizens. I have gained a great deal of experience in this regard through my past service to the town and want to apply it to the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.
Over the past four years, I have accomplished much in partnership with the other members of the select board, active citizens, other town officials, and volunteers. I am most proud of several accomplishments including:
• Moretown Landfill: Renewed host agreement
• Negotiated Deer Yard mitigation/School land conservation
• Work to ensure stability of Town finances
• Recreational Field improvements
• Rebirth of Town Library
• Forestry Management Plan/Sustainable Forestry
I am running again to address a number of issues. l also want to work with the town as a whole to enrich our lives and our health, strengthen our common respect for each other and bring greater pride in our town and what it has to offer. This is what I want to accomplish over the coming years:
• Town Hall repairs and renovations
• Moretown Energy Group: energy-saving strategies for town buildings and citizens
• VT safe routes to school
• Mad River Scenic Byway
• Fire Department Emergency Response Van grant
My track record over the past four years demonstrates my ability to create positive change for the town and its citizens. For those who have lived in Moretown forever and long for the "good old days" and those who have moved here thinking they have "found the way," I share in that common pride and hope for a better future. I will do my best to help make our vision for a brighter Moretown a reality.