{mosimage} Paula Mastroberardino, a longtime Moretown resident, is seeking re-election to a one-year term on the Moretown Select Board.

Mastroberardino has served on the select board since 2000, most recently as chair. Her most recent contributions to the select board include negotiating a deeryard mitigation/conservation contract with Moretown Landfill Incorporated and the Vermont Land Trust; working with the board to build a new town garage; developing a plan to renovate the Town Hall; and improving the process to monitor town expenditures and revenue.

"I look forward to continuing to work with the select board on the challenges and issues we face," she said.

As chairperson of the select board, she coordinated the efforts of the board with the state auditor as well as a private CPA firm to review Moretown's operating procedures and financial activities. The board has begun and will continue to act on the CPA's recommendations throughout the coming year.

"I look forward to participating with the select board regarding the many issues that present challenges and concerns: increases in operating costs including gas, heating oil, road equipment repairs/replacement, town building maintenance, and road maintenance. It is critical that the board continue to focus on sound budgeting practices, human resource needs, and town-wide financial obligations while minimizing tax increases," said Mastroberardino when asked about her goals for the coming year. Mastroberardino brings experience in management and finance to her long-standing commitment to the town.

Mastroberardino began serving the town in 1995 as a member of the planning commission where she served until being elected to the select board.

She works as a systems analyst/grant manger for the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council.