Duxbury special meeting

The Duxbury Select Board will be holding a special select board meeting to inform residents about a wide variety of town projects including plans to bring a bond vote of $225,930 before the voters.

The special meeting will be held on September 10 at Crossett Brook Middle School from 6 to 9 p.m.

“This meeting will bring awareness to and provide updates on the changes and projects town staff/officials have been working so diligently on. Some of these projects will need to be funded by either a bond/note that the select board will be discussing at this meeting. The future of Duxbury shouldn't be decided by a small handful of people, so we are asking that if you are a resident of Duxbury and are available to attend, that you please do so,” wrote Duxbury Select Board assistant Jonathan DeLaBruere.

The bond, if voted for, will cover the $225,930 for the town garage and the site work that needs to be done in the existing gravel pit before the town can rebuild the salt shed.

Select board members hope that by bringing updates earlier than Town Meeting Day, residents will be better informed on what work the town has been doing and the costs behind projects.

Upcoming site work for the new salt and storage shed at the same location, town garage repair versus building a new structure, and town staffing will also be discussed at the meeting. In the last few months, Duxbury Select Board members have closed the old gravel pit across from the town office. The town had a change in the road foreman. Kyle Guyette went from a highway maintenance worker to the foreman this summer after prior road foreman Adam Magee left. The town’s current treasurer and zoning administrator, David Specht, is not seeking re-election for the treasurer position.



At the meeting, DeLaBruere will explain past and present grant work that the town has done to cover projects. Two major rainstorms in early spring this year added to an already full plate of work for the town highway department. The town has grappled with fixing flood damages and maintaining regular road maintenance.

The town will also discuss a possible new location for the Waterbury Ambulance Service whose members hope to move to Duxbury.  This past spring ambulance service members looked to see if there were open lots or buildings where the service could relocate because they had outgrown their current facility in Waterbury Center.

Select board members initially liked the idea and suggested some sites, one in the corner of the town’s gravel pit with a Route 100 access point. Select board members at the time decided to table the discussion until the gravel pit was officially closed by Act 250 permitting standards. Now that the site is closed, the discussion is on the table again, as well as where the service could build and could receive water, wastewater and electricity.

Those with questions about the meeting can contact DeLaBruere at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..